Different Types of Refrigerators | Which Fridge is best for your Kitchen ?

There are many options on the market for refrigerators. You can find the perfect combination of storage space, looks and convenience that suits your needs. The best place to begin your search is to choose the right type of refrigerator to fit your kitchen layout and food storage requirements. This guide will show you how to compare … Read more

How does a refrigerator work?

A refrigerator is a device that allows for refrigeration. To maintain a system or body at temperatures lower than its surroundings (atmospheric temperature). A system that is kept at a lower temperature than its surrounding environment is called a refrigerated system. Refrigerator Principle The principle of thermodynamics cycles is the basis of refrigeration. The thermodynamic cycle is basically … Read more

How to use Baking Soda in the Fridge for Funky Odor Elimination

No matter how much you cook or how strict your cleaning routine is, chances are you have encountered some funk in your refrigerator at one time or another. It’s no surprise that refrigerators can become very smelly due to the demands of family, work, and social responsibilities. You might need to quickly clean your kitchen and pay … Read more