Kent vs Aquaguard Water Purifiers | Which one is best ?

Which brand of water purifier is the best in the market , Kent or Aquaguard ?

Are you searching for a great water purifier manufacturer that can satisfy all your needs for drinking water that is clean? There is a market for water purifiers and the Indian population has plenty of choices. However, the right decision is contingent on that you decide to go the right option or not. The Indian market for purifiers for water is dominated by many leading brands and two of them are Kent and Aquaguard. 

Let’s examine some important aspects that will help in identifying this gap. According to experts there isn’t a major distinction between these two brands. Both brands are known to incorporate RO, UV, and UF technology in their products. The filters of both brands are identical. But the difference lies in the design and the quality of the buildup in the models. Let’s take a closer review of these distinctions among Kent water purifier and Aquaguard prior to purchasing the purifier.

Due to climate change and the increasing pollution, the requirement to clean the water is never higher and the demand for water purifiers continue to rise higher in the marketplace. Therefore, drinking water from a reputable and reliable source is essential to staying healthy. But what do you need to do to ensure this is possible? Because you cannot alter the source of water, what could you do? purchase an effective water purifier at home.

The need for water purification is to ensure that you and your family are secure. It can help eliminate parasites, spores and bacteria as well as heavy metals and harmful substances from your body. It is known the water has to be treated prior to when it’s delivered to your home But what can you do to ensure that the water flowing into your home is completely clean and secure?

It is impossible to be certain regarding this since the likelihood of mistakes are higher as water is cleansed on such a huge scale We believe that it’s better to choose an individual solution for you and your family, i.e. water purifier.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Water Purifier

When it comes to buying the best water purifier there are certain aspects that one must take into consideration. These crucial factors will assist you in comparing purifier brands, which include Kent or Aquaguard.

1. Quality Of Water

The primary way to evaluate the quality of a purifier’s water is to examine how good the water you get from the purifier. Based on the quality of the water it is possible to compare both brands. When evaluating the quality of the water, you have to consider two factors, TDS and the hardness degree that the water has. If there is a significant degree in TDS and hardness level you may want to consider buying purifiers that use RO technology. However, if TDS or hardness level is below the limits of acceptable, then you must opt for a UV or UF purifier brands.

2. Purification Technology in Use

The second thing to think about when deciding between purifiers is the purification technology they use. Each water purifier employs an individual mechanism to eliminate any contaminants that are present in the water. The RO purifiers employ semipermeable membranes for eliminating unwanted metals, ions hardness, and other impurities that can be found in water. Certain purifiers utilize UV technology to kill various microorganisms and germs that are present within the water. It is therefore recommended to be aware of the purification methods utilized by the purifier and the process used prior to choosing a particular brand.

3. Storage Capacity Of The Purifier

Another important aspect to be based on when choosing a brand is the capacity for the purifier’s storage capacity. The capacity of storage required in relation to their water consumption per day is a crucial aspect to take into consideration before making a decision on the various models that comes from Kent as well as Aquaguard the water purifier. Additionally, you should analyze your daily needs for water before deciding on the model that has the storage capacity you require. The amount of people in your household will assist you in evaluating the storage capacity of an air purifier. The best one is determined by the capacity of storage for both. Storage capacity is completely dependent upon the amount of people within the family.

Best Water Purifier Under 10000 to buy online

Kent Vs Aquaguard Water Filter | Which one is superior?

Kent Water Purifier:

Kent introduced the innovative RO ( reverse Osmosis ) technology into India. Kent started operations in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India in 1999 and is now the largest producer of purifiers for water in India.

For more than two decades, they’ve earned their trust from Indian families. They have an idea of a healthier planet, and their technical expertise has led to the development of new solutions.

Kent is the sole company that leads the Indian market because of having a market share of 40. They earn around 80 percent of their profits through their purifiers for water.

Alongside the patent RO technology, they employ the TDS control system, which brings the minerals which are lost in the purification process, and drives it in accordance with Indian conditions.

Kent is also the only brand to have received the highest level of certification from many of the of the world’s top-certified laboratories Kent is the most trusted and reliable brand.

Keep the current state of affairs in mind, the country faces a massive shortfall in water. Kent has a save water technology that allows you to reuse the water that has been discarded. This can be later utilized for washing clothes or mopping floors.

Aquaguard Water Purifier :

Aquaguard on the contrary, is the Eureka Forbes brand which was created in 1982. The company was started with the idea of providing clean, safe and healthy life to clients.

Their products have been the most popular in the air and water purification system for air and water purification. Aquaguard is their most popular product, which was released through direct sales channels. It is now used by more than 40 million customers.

It is safe and provides safe drinking water, even for households that do not have electricity. They are well-established brands because they have more than three decades of expertise in the Indian market for water purifiers.

The company is committed to its mission and invests heavily in research and development. Therefore, they claim to cleanse even the most polluted water, making it safe and healthy to drink.

The cost for maintenance of an Aquaguard water purifier is high, particularly if you’re having it installed at your home. Certain Aquaguard water purifiers are small in capacity for storage; this is ideal for families with small children. Certain models require a constant supply of power to run.

It employs a triple purification procedure. Mineral guards that contain all essential minerals.

Top & Best Selling Kent Water Purifiers 2023

1) KENT Supreme Alkaline RO+UV Water Purifier

  • Multiple purification with RO+UV+UF+Alkaline+ TDS Control which removes even insoluble impurities such arsenic and rust, pesticides, and fluorides. It also eliminates viruses and bacteria to make water pure and safe for drinking.
  • The Alkaline component of this purifier raises the pH of purified water to 9.5 and, consequently it provides alkaline and safe drinking water.
  • TDS control system permits adjustment of the tds levels of water purified, which preserves vital mineral content in drinking water.
  • The UV LED light in the tank that stores it keeps the water clean and free of bacteria.

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2) KENT Grand RO+UF Water Purifier

  • Wall-mountable RO water purifier featuring RO+UF+TDS Control purification to deliver pure water that is 100% pure. This innovative and cutting-edge water purifier comes with a an LED lamp that is UV-lit inside its storage tank, which helps ensure pure water for longer periods of time.
  • The process of multiple purification in RO+UF+TDS Control gets rid of the impurities in the water, salts and chemicals, as well as kills viruses and bacteria to give water that is 100% pure to drink.
  • An integrated TDS Controller allows retaining desired essential minerals found in water that is purified.
  • It comes with a huge capacity for storage of 8 litres to ensure user convenience. Furthermore the high purification rate of 20 litres per hour provides water with a higher purity.
  • The sophisticated water purifier is equipped with a level indicator that keeps check on the amount of purified water in the tank storage. It is possible to turn on the device whenever the amount of purified water is decreasing.

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Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers

1.) Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura UV+UF water purifier

  • Six stages of purification, with the capacity to store water at 7 Liters.
  • Water Flow Rate is about 550-650 milliliters/minute
  • The patent-pending Active Copper Technology provides goodness of copper in water.
  • UV e-boiling technology assures that each drop of water is as safe and healthy as water boiling for 20 minutes.
  • Ultra Filtration provides crystal clear drinking water as well as protecting it from bacterial and viral contaminations. UV+UF eliminates viruses. Patented Mineral Guard Technology to retain vital minerals in your drinking water
  • 7 Liter capacity of water purification capacity
  • Booster Pump is essential to function as a water purifiers in the event that the pressure of the water entering it is lower that 0.3kg/cm sq.

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2) Aquaguard Infinia 8.5 L RO + UV + TA Water Purifier

You can enjoy clean as well as safe water using this Aquaguard Infinia RO+UV+TA water purifier. It’s Active Copper with Zinc Booster technology increases the amount of copper and zinc ions to ensure safe and clean drinking water all the time. Additionally the water purifier comes with an adjustment for taste that enhances the flavor of the water, giving it an appealing taste regardless of the source of water. Additionally, it is possible to place this water purifier on the wall or place it down on your countertop in your kitchen to suit your preferences.

8.5 L Water Storage Capacity. Greater the capacity, more people can be supplied with drinking water.

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