How to Clean Your Refrigerator Easily

Do not be afraid to clean your refrigerator and keep it clean if you follow these steps:

  • Make your own all-purpose cleaner using the following ingredients in a gallon hot water: 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup vinegar. Use a spray bottle or a bowl with sponge to use the mixture. This degreaser is non-irritating and prevents the growth of mold and mildew. This solution can be used to clean the refrigerator, drawers, and shelves.
  • Use paste wax to prevent grease and odor buildup after cleaning the refrigerator.
  • To remove stubborn stains, you can use toothpaste. It has a mild abrasive effect and a pleasant odor.
  • Remove the refrigerator’s grill, and cover it with a yardstick. You should also check the water pan under the unit for any unpleasant-smelling water.
  • You can combat odors by filling a sock with activated carbon from an aquarium shop. Tie a knot at the top, and then place it in the back. It will last for a few months depending on how heavy you use your refrigerator.
  • Vanilla extract can be used to quickly remove odors. Orange extract is also effective.
  • You can eliminate lingering odors from your vegetable bins by placing a piece of brown paper grocery bag inside. Leave it in place for at least 48 hours. The paper will absorb any odors.
  • Place a flashlight in the refrigerator to check for tightness. Close the door. If there is any light escaping from the seams, turn off all lights in the room (this should only be done at night). This will allow you to identify any leaks.
  • Fill a large, at least one-gallon-sized bottle with water and place it in your refrigerator. This will keep your refrigerator cool and efficient.
  • Keep your refrigerator at 36 degrees.

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Is it Possible to Clean Your Fridge’s Inside in 30 Minutes Or Less ?

It’s time to get down to work. You can also throw away old or forgotten food.

The Fridge should be empty

This can be done in one go or in parts. It is easier to do everything at once. I find it easier to do all the work quickly if the food is out. You should have two areas to place items: one for cleaning out items and another for items that are needed to go back in the fridge.

Anything that you don’t want to throw away and isn’t in a container that you can keep, goes right into the trash.

Clean Contents

Your fridge may not be sparkling clean if it isn’t in tip-top condition. Use a damp cloth to wipe the bottoms and clean up any drips.

You can also treat the lids if they need some TLC. Make sure everything is clean before you return it to the fridge. Either clean out the containers containing leftovers now, or wait until your fridge is full.

Clean the inside of the Fridge

Do it if you are able to remove shelves or drawers. Spray the interior of your fridge with vinegar and water. Concentrate on the soiled areas and allow it to soak in. Use warm soapy water to wash the drawers and shelves that were removed and then dry them. Take everything back to the fridge, and use a rag to clean it.

Retour Contents

Dry the drawers and shelves, and then return them to your fridge. Next, return all freshly cleaned items to the fridge in their respective areas.

How does a refrigerator Work Step by Step

What is the difference between regular and deep fridge cleaning?

Deep cleaning is more thorough than a standard-issue clean and takes longer. Karen Barrigan, Housetastic’s cleaning expert, says that a weekly or daily fridge clean should include wiping down surfaces and disinfecting the handle. Rotate food when it begins to age to avoid spoiling. Put paper towels under any food containers.

A deep clean, on the other hand, requires that you empty the fridge, clean out all the shelves and bins, wash and dust the outside and clean everything under, behind and around it.

How often should your fridge be cleaned?

Barrigan says that refrigerator deep cleaning should be done “a few times a year.” A standard refrigerator should be deep cleaned once every three to six months.

If your fridge has an ice maker or water dispenser, you will need to clean it more often. A fridge with a water line inside it introduces moisture. “Surfaces with moisture and organic material offer the perfect conditions for mold spores to transform into a living colony,” says Michael Rubino, mold expert and founder of HomeCleanse. A fridge equipped with an ice/water dispenser should be cleaned at least twice a month.

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