Best Trimmers in India under Rs 1000 February 2023

Trimmers are becoming more popular in recent times due to the fact that the days of shaving clean are gone. Nowadays, men are more inclined to trim their beard instead of shaving it. In addition, visiting the salon is a job. Trimmers provide comfort and ease. They are not just getting more mainstream and affordable, but their costs are dropping too. A good trimmer today can cost less than Rs.1,000. Here is a list of trimmers priced under Rs.1,000.

Best Trimmers Under Rs 1000 in India 2023 | Trimers below 1K

Philips BT1232/15 Beard Trimmer

PHILIPS BT1232/15 Skin-friendly Beard Trimmer under 1000

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In the realm of electronics, Philips is the first brand we think of. The reason we gravitate towards this brand is the name of the brand as well as its longevity and being able to claim that it has inexpensive products. Let’s get back to the trimmer made by the company, the Philips BT1232/15 is among the finest trimmers available for men. The device is cordless, and gives you 30 minutes of usage after 8 hours of charging.

Additionally it is also designed so that the trimmer is self-sharpening to ensure that the skin is safeguarded against cuts and nicks. It’s easy to use and allows you to trim even the most difficult to reach parts.

MI Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 Corded and Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

MI Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2

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This Mi Corded Beard Trimmer is designed specifically for modern-day males and is one of the best 10 trimming tools designed for males. The unique quad-edge design of the trimmer is specifically designed to tackle tough areas easily. In addition it also provides 90 minutes of wireless connectivity with just two hours of battery time. It’s easy to use, flexible and is safe for travel and secure.

Additionally, the blades of the trimmer have a coatings of lubricant, which make the trimming more effective. The trimmer is easy to clean, consequently, is among the top beard trimmers available for men.

Philips BT3203/15 Cordless Rechargeable Bread Trimmer

The next item to be featured is the Philips BT3203/15 , which reduces the beard by 30 percent more quickly. It comes with the zoom wheel which trims all-length beards easily. Additionally, it comes with an cutting-edge lift and trim system to provide greater efficiency in trimming. The ergonomic design makes it easy to clean and its stainless-steel blades provide the finest designs every time you utilize it.

It takes about 10 hours for a complete charge which is larger than other competitors. However, if you’re looking good, Philips offers the best grooming products for you.

Syska HT200U Beard Pro Trimmer

Syska is yet another fantastic brand that provides a wide range of high-quality products. In the case of Syska’s Syska HP200U Beard Trimmer, it is one of the top trimmers for males less than Rs.1,000. It is able to be used for up to 40 minutes without cord. The trimmer is also compatible with USB charging, making it easy to charge.

The brand is equipped with self-sharpening stainless steel blades that are equipped with the latest technology for rototech, making cutting process even more efficient and simple.

VEGA Power Series P3 Beard Trimmer for Men

Vega is among the top brands that provide electronic products in India. Its Vega Power Series P3 Beard Trimmer is among the most effective trimmers for men. The titanium blades of this trimmer makes it simple to operate and produce more effective outcomes. After charging you can get an up-to 160 minute continuous use without issues.

Additionally it also comes with an emergency lock for travel and cordless and cordless options according to your personal preference.

In addition, the attractive digital display and ultra-sharp titanium blades are two factors that have led to this product’s success in the eyes of people.

Nova BHT 1097 Trimmer

Nova is among the most sought-after brands in India that is renowned because of its affordable personal care products and accessories. Nova BHT1097 trimmer is among of the top trimmers for males under Rs.1,000 to India. It has a stylish appearance and excellent built-up quality.

The blades are self-sharpening and made of stainless steel that provide you with a remarkable cutting experience. It also has fast charging capabilities, which means it is charged quickly it is compared to the trimmers in the same price range.

SYSKA HT900 BeardPro Corded and Cordless Trimmer

Making a great first impression is essential and having a well-groomed beard can make a impression. Thus, it is imperative to possess a professional beard trimmer that can cut and style the beard. The blades are self-sharpening and stay as sharp as a day one. It is one of the finest trimmers that you can buy for less than Rs.1,000

Additionally it also provides an additional 120 minutes of use without cords after charging for 2 hours. Thus, it is the ultimate grooming accessory.

Philips BT3203/15 Beard Trimmer

The last one on the list includes the Philips Bt1230/15 Beard Trimmer which offers fine trimming with no difficulties. These blades can be used on the skin, with round tips that prevent any irritation. It is simple to use and delivers the highest quality results.

The trimmer can last for approximately 45 minutes when it is on a 10 hour fully charged. With its unique lift and trim technology, these trimmers can are able to cut 30 percent more quickly. This makes it among the top Philips trimmers available in India.

The list above will assist you find the most effective trimmers that cost less than Rs.1000 within India. This list is accurate to our knowledge. We have checked the price but the prices are constantly changing. Make sure you look up the most recent deals and discounts before making any purchase.

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