9 Best Inverter Battery Brands in India 2023

Inverter batteries are created to supply a tiny amount of power continuously for an extended period of time. Inverter batteries do not get discharged over a long duration. The lifespan and performance of an inverter is dependent on the battery. So, batteries are a crucial and the primary element of the Inverter battery.

Inverters are useful when power is cut off. The importance of the inverter batteries is their capacity to supply an uninterrupted source of power regardless of the power source isn’t in use. This is crucial in regions where power outages are frequent or when the power grid isn’t reliable. For instance in rural areas in which the power grid isn’t developed, an inverter device that has a stable battery could supply power for businesses and homes.

In the same way to that, inverter batteries are crucial for securing power systems. When there’s an power failure an inverter system that has well-maintained batteries can supply the power needed to vital systems including lighting, communications systems, medical equipment and more. This can be crucial in situations of extreme need like natural disasters where power outages are not uncommon.

Best Inverter Battery Brands in India 2023

1) Luminous Inverter Battery

Luminous is the leader in market for inverter batteries for the home that serves over 1 million homes. The inverter batteries of Luminous are developed to withstand frequent and long-lasting power outages. The company offers a broad assortment of Tubular Inverter batteries in the square wave and sine wave technologies. They are available in gel, flat plate and tubular batteries.

2) Exide Inverter Battery

Exide is among the leading companies in India for inverter batteries. Inverter batteries from Exide have been powering the country each day for more than seven years.

Exide has a presence in the commercial, residential as well as industrial sectors. The company is also one of the No.1 inverter battery company in India.

Exide’s batteries are renowned for their longevity and longer backup power and power output with minimal failures of the plates, and the capacity to withstand prolonged and frequent power outages.

Exide’s batteries require less refilling frequency, and have superior thermal management, as well as the capability in regaining power after discharge. Exide offers a broad assortment of tubular and the flat-plate inverter batteries. Exide is an extensive pan India service network.

This battery is built to withstand repeated and prolonged power interruptions.

The battery is specifically designed with heavy tubes and plates.

Exide’s battery is ideal for locations with frequent power outages. Exide is great for places where there are frequent power outages.

3) Microtek Inverter Battery

Microtek is a top company for power backup in India that offers products like Solar products, Voltage Solutions, Wires & Cables, Circuit Protection Devices (MCB, DBs), E-Vehicle Chargers, Surge and Lightning Protectors as well as a Healthcare assortment of products. Microtek’s products are renowned for their high-end quality and are backed by more than 120 million customers.

The inverter battery is designed with 99.9 percent lead and provides superior performance.

The battery is recharged quickly and has a ceramic water level indicator.

The top quality materials used in the construction of this inverter are durable.

4) Livguard Inverter Battery

Livguard is a different power backup provider located in India that has been in operation for more than three years. It has emerged as a major player in the energy solutions sector in India offering automobile batteries, inverters, stabilizers, inverter batteries and solar solutions for residential use. The Liv Guard inverter battery is available under its Invertuff brand. The products are distinguished by an 3D design that features an alternating side paste that guarantees more battery life, a quality design and strong, robust material. Liv Guard inverters are ideal for locations with lengthy power outages.

Livguard’s inverter batteries offer the highest quality warranty and provide you with security

The batteries are crafted with a luxurious design and an LED display

Furthermore, the batteries feature the ability to accept high-charges, which means they have longevity for the battery.

5) Genus Inverter Battery

Genus inverter batteries can be a blessing of contemporary Indian families. They’re specifically designed for long-lasting and continuous power failures. They are also suitable for both conventional and solar applications.

Genus inverter batteries protect against short circuits that are external to them and are therefore safe

Furthermore they are made of durable materials, which ensures they last for a long time.

Furthermore the batteries for inverters are durable and effective.

6) Okaya Inverter Battery

Okaya is a symbol of reliability and quality, which makes it an innovator in the field of battery manufacturing. It offers a wide range of batteries suitable to all kinds of applications and falls into a wide-ranging segment of the market.

Okaya is the sole manufacturer with 100% tube-shaped batteries that are used for both solar and inverter batteries. They’re considered the most suitable for back-up power needs.

Okaya’s inverter batteries give you outstanding performance and a long-lasting, continuous power backup

There is very little upkeep required.

It has a fast-charging feature.

The batteries are made environmentally friendly to minimize pollution and fulfill their responsibility to the earth.

7) SF Inverter Battery

In the countryside or in the city frequent power outages aren’t uncommon to Indians. The power outages are a nuisance especially during the scorching summer. This is why most people are opting to invest in the inverters and UPS systems for their homes from SF to guard themselves against the issues that result from power interruptions. Due to its distinctive and reliable design, Inverter Batteries from SF are the most reliable batteries. They are specially designed to withstand the extremely hot summers in India.

The maximum power is assured through these SF inverter batteries even after a substantial discharge

The batteries have a tower-like design that has shared side venting

In addition the batteries are great to use in homes as well as companies.

8.) Amaron Inverter battery

Amaron is among the most renowned companies that produce the finest inverter batteries. They also have superior temperature tolerance, which makes them perfect for Indian conditions. They are factory-charged and come with a huge reserve capacity.

The batteries for the inverter from Amaron are quick and easy to charge.

Are less prone to maintenance because they are less likely to lose water

Utilizes a highly heat-resistant Calcium or extremely modified hybrid alloys in its grids.

9) V-Guard Inverter Battery

V-Guard batteries are the perfect option for Indian families, since they are a reliable and continuous source of power for your home. They also integrate well with many UPS systems. In addition, they are green and use less gasoline.

The most appropriate and reliable in regions with severe power cuts.

The sturdy construction of positive plates in tubular form gives it greater durability and longer life.

Furthermore they are environmentally friendly with low maintenance and minimal gas producing.

Conclusion :

The majority of India are still suffering from power cut-offs and voltage fluctuation. This is why there is a massive demand for products that deal with power, such as batteries and inverters to tackle this issue. To have continuous power supply to all of our electronic and household appliances We require an efficient battery and inverter to supply the power needed. Therefore, it is essential to selecting the best inverter battery to power your home.

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