Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm in India 2023

Are you searching for the top high speed ceiling fan that measures 1400mm across India? If yes, then you’re in the right spot. We all are aware that summer is coming. And with this scorching heat at the very least, we require an efficient fan that will help us stay cool during the heat.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 1400mm ceiling fans available in India from the top brands to keep you cool during the heat wave. This ceiling fan of 1400mm features a fantastic mechanism and strong motors, which will offer some relief during the summer.

Our team of experts have thoroughly looked into the best high-speed ceiling fan 1400mm, and have provided the following list. After having read the article we can assure you that you won’t have to read another piece to discover the best 1400mm ceiling fan. The article you will go through a comprehensive analysis of each 1400 mm ceiling fan.

This is not all, but we have added important aspects to help you select the ideal ceiling fan for your house.

In the next portion of this post you will find a thorough review of the top 1400mm ceiling fan in India. Also, if you’d like to know what to consider prior to purchasing this ceiling fan of 1400 mm 400 RPM on the internet.

It is also possible to read about them in the next section. Continue going through this article until the end to find the best ceiling fan.

Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm in India 2023

Atomberg Renesa 1400mm BLDC Motor 5 Ceiling Fans

At the top of our list of the top high speed ceiling fans 1400mm We chose into consideration the Atomberg Renesa 1400mm BLDC motor ceiling fan. evaluated with five-star energy-efficiency ratings.

With its five-star efficiency rating, the device cuts down on about 65% of energy wasted. It comes with multiple options and modes like boost mode and timer modes sleep mode, etc. It is possible to use all of these modes with only one button on your IR remote.

The ceiling fan comes in four colors Two dual tones as well as two single tones like white, brown and black. and white and black.

The Atomberg ceiling fan is designed with a contemporary, trendy design and LED lights at its central area that add an elegant look. The company claims that the Atomberg Renesa 1400mm BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan can perform three times as well as the average fan.

Atomberg offers a two-year guarantee beginning from the date purchase. 

If you’re searching for the top 1400 mm ceiling fan in India then this Atomberg Renesa 1400 millimeter ceiling fan could be the ideal choice.

Features :

  • You can control this using the IR remote.
  • The LEDs are in its middle.
  • BLDC motor that requires less energy. It is able to operate three times more efficiently with an inverter for your home.
  • 2 years on site plus 1 year extended warranty are included.

Orient Electric Aluminum Wendy Metallic Deco Fan

The Orient Electric Aluminium Wendy Metallic Deco fan could be the perfect ceiling fan if you’re searching for a ceiling fan that efficiently cools your living areas and also adds a touch of sophistication to your interior. The 1400 mm ceiling fan is fashionable efficient, high-speed, and energy efficient.

The Wendy Metallic Deco fan’s stunning color scheme of gold and black will make the item stand out. Beautiful trimmings will enhance your kitchen, living room and home office as well as dining area. The fan will add elegance for your house.

This Wendy Metallic Deco Fan performs very well. It provides high-speed airflow that is comfortable for the home, with large blades. The fan is designed to keep you cool on the hot days of summer.

The Metallic Deco Wendy fan’s longevity makes it a great ceiling fan selection. The fan’s copper motor and aluminum blades with ribbed edges offer durability and efficiency. The lacquer-coated metallic finish gives it a stylish and durable appearance making it look good for many years.

Wendy Metallic Deco’s high-speed performance improves the circulation of air and chills. This design allows cool air to circulate more effectively, which makes the air-conditioned home more comfortable and refreshing.

Features :

  • Modern design using gold and black tones
  • Air delivery with high-speed
  • The motor is robust and full of copper, as well as the aluminium blades are ribbed
  • Elegant metallic finish, with lacquer coating
  • Fast air circulation for quicker cooling
  • Energy efficient operation

Crompton Aura 1400 mm High-Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan

Crompton Aura 1400 millimeters High-Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan could be the perfect ceiling fan If you are looking for a highly efficient elegant and stylish fan. This fan is a perfect blend of fashion and practicality by presenting a stylish design and superb air circulation.

The technical specifications help this Crompton Aura standout. The fan is 1400mm wide that cools all the areas of your living space. The powerful 74-watt motor spins at the speed of 380 RPM and delivers enough airflow, keeping you cool during hot days. Its large capacity of 230 CMM volume of airflow enhances its efficiency which makes it a reliable comfortable companion.

Its Crompton Aura also is extremely durable. Its 100 copper motor and two ball bearings ensure long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. Its highly balanced blades as well as its anti-rust aluminum body assure its long-term durability.

Crompton Aura is quiet and stable. The sturdy two-piece design minimizes noise and vibration. The fan offers a relaxing air and tranquil.

The complete package of Crompton’s shows their high-end quality. The ceiling fan motor with three blades two canopies and shackle assembly, as well as the manual for the product, as well as a warranty card are all included. In addition, Crompton’s two-year guarantee ensures the security of your investment and assures you of the quality of the product.

There are a few negatives to be aware of. Crompton doesn’t install Aura fans, in contrast to other competitors. This could require a third-party installation which can be difficult for those who require professional installation.

Although the button control method is simple to operate, some users might prefer a remote similar to the many fans of modern times. Look into alternatives when remote control is essential.

The Crompton Aura consumes the power of 74 watts, which makes it less efficient as other versions. If you are looking to save energy think about power-efficient solutions.

Features :

  • Attractive decorative design
  • Amazing technical specifications
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Complete package with guarantee

Luminous Jaipur Mahal 1320mm Designer Ceiling Fan

The Luminous Jaipur Mahal Ceiling Fan adds a royal feel to any room thanks to the Jaipur Mahal design. The intricate and decorative shank as well as the dazzling design create a striking centerpiece that is perfect for dining rooms bedrooms, and living rooms.

With aerodynamic blades and an impressive 16-pole motor, this fan ensures efficient air circulation with 325 RPM and a delivery of up to 230 CMM. Its unique dust-resistant coating makes for easy cleaning and the appearance of a clean and tidy.

However, some users have complained about issues with air delivery, noise and the Luminous installation. Although it is true that the Luminous Jaipur Mahal Fans is aesthetically pleasing for any space however, it could have issues with performance and require self-installation.

Features :

  • Royal-inspired, elegant design
  • Efficient air circulation
  • High speed of 350 RPM
  • Dust-resistant coating
  • Ideal for a variety of rooms

Havells SS 390 1400mm Ceiling Fan

Havells S-390 Ceiling Fan is an energy efficient choice can help reduce energy bills in the summer. With three blades that are aerodynamically designed that provide adequate air circulation for 16×10 square feet spaces. The motor’s high-performance ensures effective cooling.

A few users reported that air circulation was less than they expected, however fan performance varies depending on personal preferences and the room size. Double ball bearings guarantee peace of mind and longer shelf-life. Twin canopies hide electrical wiring and make it easy to mount.

The elegant design of the fan effortlessly blends in with modern office and home decors, despite the fact that some customers receive the standard paint finish instead of the advertised metallic version. In the end this fan Havells SS-390 offers attractiveness, energy efficacy and a customized performance for specific space sizes that makes it a great choice.

Superfan V1 five star energy efficient 1400 millimeters

Superfan V1 is an energy-efficient ceiling fan featuring 35W BLDC motor that delivers exceptional airflow, while using only half the power of conventional fans. Its custom-designed design and a variety of color options make it a perfect match for any décor. The remote that is drop-safe, with sleep mode, a breeze feature and a timer control makes it more convenient, and the five-year warranty guarantees long-lasting performance.

While the fan’s velocity provides the user with a pleasant airflow, some users reported it to be noisy, which can make it unsuitable in bedrooms or rooms where there are devices that can be controlled by voice. The quality of the construction is a possibility to improve, specifically with regard to the blade’s materials and the plastics. In addition, the fan operates entirely on a remote control that might not work for users who would prefer wall-mounted controllers. In spite of these shortcomings however, Superfan V1 Superfan V1 remains a solid option for those who are conscious of energy and want an efficient air flow.

Bajaj Regal Gold NXG Wine Red 1400 mm Ceiling Fan

The Bajaj Regal Gold NXG Wine Red 1400mm Ceiling Fan is captivating thanks to its stunning design and astonishing performance. Its durable yet light aluminum structure guarantees durability and energy-efficient 65-watt consumption reduces power bills. The powerful 14-pole motor ensures steady operation, generating 345 RPM as well as 245CMM of airflow for constant performance.

Awarded for its sophisticated aesthetics and sleek design, the fan’s matte surface radiates class. The 1400mm wingspan allows uniform air distribution, creating the perfect atmosphere, even at lower speed. Many people enjoy its quiet operation as well as powerful breeze, and consider it an excellent value for money.

A few customers have complained it is possible that this fan’s performance could be slightly slower than what was expected and can be noisy at times. However it is a good choice. Bajaj Regal Gold NXG Wine Red 1400mm Ceiling Fan remains an excellent choice for those who are looking for aesthetics, energy efficiency and reliable performance.

Havells Nicola 1400mm High-Performance Fan

If you’re in search of an ultra-fast ceiling fan in the 1400 millimeters category that I can assure you that you’ve found it. Its Havells Nicola 1400 millimeter high-performance fan is available in five styles and four sizes. You can view by clicking the above link or visit their official website.

This Havells fan is fitted using HPLV technology. HPLV refers to high-pressure and low volume. If I interpret it in this manner it is possible to say HPLV is a fan that can deliver continuous airflow throughout the entire process.

Let’s look at its style. It is a sturdy metal structure with a shiny metallic finish that highlights the elegance of your ceiling and adds a stylish look. This is a fan motor as well as a blade put in a box.

If you’re worried over the warranties, do not fret. Havells gives a two-year extension of warranty starting from when you purchase the item.


  • HPLV technology to ensure efficient cooling
  • Blades made of aluminum that have an e-coat
  • This fan is most effective when it is operating at low voltages.
  • A warranty extension of 2 years
  • Energy efficient
  • Copper binding

Atomberg Efficio 1400mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan

The Atomberg Efficio 1400mm Ceiling Fan is a top choice for high efficiency, energy-efficiency and durability making it perfect for offices and homes. The atomSENSE algorithm and BLDC motor deliver outstanding airflow and can achieve an impressive 65% savings in power. The fan’s remote control provides an easy access to turbo mode, timing and sleep mode from up to 20 feet away.

Two years of warranty gives peace of mind. an additional year of warranty available when signing up on Atomberg’s site. The inverter stabilization feature of the fan keeps the speed constant when voltage fluctuation occurs and permits extended durations of run time for inverter batteries in the event of outages.

With its sophisticated low-maintenance design Atomberg Efficio fan has a higher durability because of its corrosion-resistant powder-coated aluminum blades. Despite its light weight construction, which could result in minor swings in use however, the overall experience is unaffected.


  • Energy efficient with the possibility of saving 65% on power
  • High-performance & delivering 280 RPM
  • Remote control for simple operation
  • Two-year warranty to ensure peace of mind
  • Stabilization by inverter technology.

Factors To Look at Before Buying the 1400mm Ceiling Fan 400 RPM

Motor and Power:

When we see the high-speed ceiling fan with 1400mm of diameter we must take a look at the ceiling fan’s power and motor capabilities. It is recommended to purchase fans that have copper windings and high wattage ratings and sealed bearings as these are the factors which make our motors last longer.

RPM (Revolution Per Minute):

If the fan has a higher RPM rating which means that it has greater airflow. This is why we should look for ceiling fans that have more RPM since they have more air circulation. This means that we’ll experience more cooling power from them during the summer heat wave.

Blade Design and Material:

Make sure to look for aerodynamically designed blades as they are specifically designed to maximize airflow. Blade design and materials are one of the major reasons for the noise and performance of a ceiling fan. Always think about the ceiling fan’s design, and whether they utilized ABS as their blades.

Noise Level:

Everyone is unhappy when ceiling fans emit noise. However, I’d like to inform you that high-speed fans are always louder than standard ones. If you aren’t happy with that then you should check out this article on the most silent ceiling fan available in India.

Energy Efficiency:

The majority of customers are concerned about the energy bill for their homes. There are a few brands in the market, bringing efficient ceiling fans that are energy efficient. These 1400mm ceiling fans are among the most energy-efficient.

Airflow Efficiency:

If you are looking for the best 1400mm ceiling fan in India to keep your space cool, you should think about the ones that come with the highest CFM ratings. This number indicates the efficiency of airflow or cooling capacity of any high-speed ceiling fan 1400mm.

Additional Features:

Who doesn’t like the extra features that are available on their gadget? As with other gadgets ceiling fans can also offer additional features, such as remote control as well as voice commands and numerous other features. Make sure to choose ceiling fans that offer more features, like these.

Warranty and After-Sale Service:

Make sure to choose a well-known brand for a high-speed ceiling fan with 1400mm diameter in India. If you buy the Ceiling fan made from an Indian manufacturer it won’t come with the service after-sales that trusted brands will provide. In particular, choose brands that offer an extended warranty.

Faqs :

How much power will 1400mm ceiling fans utilize?

Speed and efficiency determine the 1400 mm ceiling fan’s energy consumption. A high-speed 1400 mm ceiling fan that has average efficiency consumes between 28 and 80 Watts. BLDC fan’s watts begin at 28-35 Watts. Typical fans are 60-80 Watts.

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