Best Helmets Under Rs 3000 in India 2023

Human brains can be damaged by impact, for sure or even by a intense head rotation even when the brain is stationary, causing nerves and blood vessels a tug.

The blood vessels in the internal organs and nerves push areas of the brain also in various ways, straining the blood vessels and nerves involved in the process.

The helmets (ISI approved ) are specifically designed to handle significant crash forces and typically contain the ability to crush foam. If you crash and strike an unforgiving surface The Thermo-foam component of the helmet is crushed, reducing the energy of the crash and increasing your head’s stopping distance by approximately six-thousandths of second, reducing the impact trauma to your brain.

Internal strains and rotational forces will likely to be lessened due to the crushing. We have strong pads in the helmet. They are designed to provide comfort. The force of impact is so strong and sharp that the foam is able to bottom out instantly.

In the majority all of our headgear, a soft plastic skin keeps the helmet’s foam in place as it swells, allowing it to glide smoothly across the road surface instead of throwing your head around to stop. For activities that require the forward movement of your head on a rough surface, more round helmets are safer as they are more able to ski.

If you’re seeking brands like LS2, MT, AGV, Axor, SMK, and so on, this article won’t be appropriate for you. These are premium brands, and they don’t sell helmets that are less than the Rs 3000 price range. The article below, you’ll discover helmets from brands like Studds, Vega, Steelbird, Royal Enfield, and TVS.

Best Full Face Helmet Under 3000 in India 2023

Studds Drifter D1

Studds Drifter is among of the top graphic helmets for less than 3000 rupees that are available this moment. It comes in some the most eye-catching and coolest shades.

The outer shell of the helmet is made of high impact-resistant thermoplastic material, which provides good protection during urban rides.

At 1.45 kg the helmet is lightweight. As a result I was able wear it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. I also enjoyed the ventilation system. There are two air vents. One in the front of the head, and the other on the bar for chin. This means it can be used during hot summer days without difficulties.

Furthermore, Studds Drifter D1 comes with a hypoallergenic, washable and washable liner. This means that even if the padding on your helmet becomes wet due to rainy days, or because of your sweat during the hot days, you will not be prone to allergies. When the paddings start to get dirty, it is easy to take them off and wash them in order to keep them in good condition.

This is not all, this helmet comes with two types of motorcycle helmet visors. The first is the standard one that comes with nearly every helmet. Another is the sun visor hidden which can be utilized in accordance with your requirements. This means you can wear this helmet in the daytime and at night.

The best thing about this particular helmet is the fact that it’s also ISI as well as DOT-certified. So there’s no compromise on safety for this price.

Overall, this is a excellent helmet, and if you’re looking for the most attractive helmet under 3000 Rupees , you should definitely consider it.

LS2 Helmets – Matt Blue White

LS2 Helmets that allow you to glide over asphalt or take off on remote roads on an scooter or sport motorcycle. It is available in solid colors or bright designs. UV resistant visor and polycarbonate screen are able to prevent distortion of the image that together with the internal sun shield, improves visibility throughout any activity and ensures maximum security. The LS2 visors feature 3D optically Correct “A Class” Polycarbonate is a space-age plastic that is highly resistant to impact and distortion, which provides the best clarity. Twin Shield System. Quick Release System. Scratch Resistant.

Steelbird SA-2 7Wings

Another helmet that is on our top of the list is Steelbird SA-2 7Wings. It is also among the best motorcycle helmets under Rs 3000 which you can buy today in India.

This helmet is similar to the one that Moto GP racers wear. It’s sleek and simple but at the same time.

There are many colors to choose from in this helmet. I personally prefer the matte black color, as well as with the mirror or mercury visor.

The most notable feature in this helmet’s design is the air ventilation system. Steelbird claims it’s the first in the world to have a helmet equipped fitted with NACA Duct air flow technology. The air-ventilation system is used in supercars as well as aircrafts.

A glance over the helmet, and I can observe multiple air inlets and outlets. Steelbird SA-2 7Wings comes with an air outlet at the chin bar, and one additional air outlet on the forehead. Then there’s another air inlet to high up on the forehead, too. Additionally, it has several air outlets. In turn, it is able to keep your cool on summer heat.

As with similar to the Studds Drifter D1, it is also composed of thermoplastic that provides the highest level of impact resistance. In terms of the inner padding, it is washable and also easily removed.

There are however some drawbacks with this type of helmet. It is the first to note that it does not have dual visors as other models in the Studds Drifter series.

It does not include the dual D-ring strap for helmets, but instead is equipped with an easy-release strap. If you’re not aware, let me explain to you why Double D straps for ring are believed to be the most secure helmet straps.

If you are looking for a stylish styled helmet from Steelbird the Steelbird helmet has been specifically designed to meet your needs. It’s the most stylish Steelbird helmet that costs less than 3000.


TVS XPOD is one of the most DOT-certified helmets for under 3000 Rupees in India at the moment. It’s DOT as well as ISI certified, making it the most secure helmet on the list. If you’re not sure, I’ll tell you that it is among the most recognizable safety ratings for motorcycle helmets around the globe.

Contrary to Steelbird SA-2 7Wings, TVS XPOD is a stylish appearance. If you’re not a fan of heavy helmets, then you’re likely to love it.

The paddings in the inside of the helmet are of top quality. It is also possible to clean them by taking them off since they are washable and removable.

To allow air circulation there are two air vents inside the helmet. One is located at the chin bar, and the one is located on the forehead.

TVS XPOD is also quite light and weighs around 1.4 kg. It is therefore able to be worn for hours without discomfort.

The most notable characteristic that this model has is its integrated pockets for headphones. The pockets are able to connect an Bluetooth headset into the helmet. So, you’ll be able to remain connected with your friends while riding.

The price of this helmet is approximately Rs 3500 however you can get it for less than 3000 rupees online.

As with like the Studds Drifter D1 and Steelbird SA-1 7Wings, this model doesn’t come with the double D ring strap.

If you’re in search of the most secure helmet at reasonable cost, then TVS XPOD is the top option.

Royal Enfield Modular Helmet

Next on our list is designed for those who enjoy flip-up helmets. Royal Enfield Modular Helmet is among the top flip-up helmet for that is less than 3000 Rs on the market.

The shell’s exterior is made of ABS material that is impact resistant. It provides excellent protection for city trips.

One thing that has me awed about this helmet was the weight. It weighs only 1.3 kg and is extremely light. Flip-up helmets typically weigh more than full-face helmets due to the mechanism that allows you to close and widen the bar on your chin.

I’m not sure what the secret is to how Royal Enfield managed to keep the weight of their helmet at such a low level. It’s a great achievement they’ve done well.

As with other helmets on this checklist, the one comes with washable and removable paddings inside. This means you can maintain your helmet’s cleanliness by cleaning the paddings regularly.

However, there are disadvantages to this type of helmet too. It doesn’t come with a dual visor and does not come in a variety of shades. The only color is available in is the black.

If you are looking for a black-colored modular helmet, then certainly purchase this flip-up Helmet by Royal Enfield. However it is important to remember that full-face helmets are more secure in comparison to helmets that are modular.

Vega Off Road Sketch

Vega Off Road sketch helmet is designed for those who want to explore the roads less traveled. It’s one of the most comfortable off-road helmets for less than 3000 Rs that are available on the market.

Adventure and off-road bicycles are becoming more popular every day across India. If you are riding an off road bike you’ll require an off road helmet.

This helmet by Vega appears to meet the majority of boxes for those with a budget of Rs 3000.

The shell that covers the outside of the helmet is constructed of high-impact ABS material. This will ensure that you are safe during off-road adventures.

To shield you from intense UV rays and harsh sunlight It comes with two visors. The primary visor is the transparent one, but there’s an obscure sun visor can be used in accordance with your requirements.

Additionally, the helmet is equipped with anti-odor inner paddings. The paddings can be removed and cleaned also. This means that even if you’re riding all day the helmet will be fresh.

Vega Off Road Sketch helmet comes with some stunning images and colors. You can pick the graphics and colors in accordance with your preference and preferences.

Overall, it’s an excellent helmet. If you prefer to travel off-road a lot, then this is the perfect helmet.

Faqs :

Are Cheap Motorcycle Helmets Safe?

Cheap motorcycle helmets aren’t secure. Do not buy helmets priced under Rs1000.

It’s true The road is filled with idiots. This is a lot True!

Even if you’re following all rules and regulations and regulations, you still have to pay for the mistakes of others. Therefore, it is extremely essential to wear a safety helmet when you ride your bicycle. Naturally, there are many other advantages of wearing a helmet too.

Are MT Helmets Available For Under 3000 Rupees?

The helmets for MT are not available at prices below 3000 Rupees.

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