Best Cycle Under 5000 Rs in India 2023

I will review the top bikes priced at less than Rs 5000 in India, covering both adult and kids’ bicycles. The selection of models in this review is based on their quality, features, and their availability and pricing online.

Are you looking forward to a relaxing weekend getaway or perhaps an after-work evening ride to escape the daily stresses? However, you might not want to invest in buying an expensive bike.

I completely agree that it’s not advisable to purchase a pricey bike if you’re not a complete beginner or a daily commuter. However, the question remains: Do you have a good selection of bikes priced under 5000 rupees in the Indian market?

As a bicycle consultant, it’s my responsibility to help you find a high-quality bicycle for less than 5000 rupees. To achieve this, I conducted extensive research both online and offline, visiting bicycle shops and participating in polls on social media platforms, among other methods.

In the end, I’ve compiled this review to make it easy for you to find the perfect cycle under 5000 rupees for yourself or your loved ones.

Without further delay, let’s explore the top bicycles under 5000 rupees in India.

Adult Bicycles:

For adults searching for a bicycle in this price range, I recommend considering the Uni-Gear bicycle. A budget of Rs. 5000 is quite limited for purchasing a high-quality bicycle that includes features like suspension and gears. If you opt for a geared bicycle within this price range, you may find that it fails within a short period due to the quality of its components.

There are several single-speed alternatives worth considering, as listed below. However, if I had to recommend just one bicycle in this price range, I would suggest the Hero Urban. The Hero Urban is available in both black and white color options.

Kids Bicycles:

If you’re looking to buy a budget-friendly bicycle for kids, you’ll have numerous options to choose from. If you’re unsure about the right bike size for your child, you can refer to my guide on the best bikes for children. For children under 12 years old, the BSA Champ series is an ideal choice. The BSA Champ series offers various models suitable for different age groups of children.

Now, let’s proceed with the complete list and reviews.

Best Cycle Under 5000 For Adults and Kids in India 2023

Urban Terrain Zion 27.5t MTB

We have a mountain bicycle manufactured by the Urban Terrain brand. It ranks among the top adult MTBs for women that you can purchase for under $5k. This MTB features a robust 18-inch steel frame, ensuring strength and durability on rough roads.

As a single-speed bike, it comes equipped with a sturdy front suspension fork that provides an enjoyable ride on all types of terrain. When it comes to rider safety, the Urban Terrain Zion boasts premium-quality linear brakes, adjustable on both the front and rear wheels. Regarding tires, you have two options: 26t and 27.5t.

One of the most distinctive features of this bicycle, besides its affordability, is the quick-release seat clamp and cushioned adjustable seat, ensuring a comfortable riding experience.


  • Unisex lightweight bicycle.
  • Includes a free 3-month diet and exercise plan from a registered dietitian through the Cultsport App.
  • Available in two colors (Green and Black).
  • Comes with a 6-month guarantee on the bicycle.
  • Available in two sizes (26t and 27.5t).


  • Lacks a mudguard.
  • Assembly service can be arranged at 500 rupees.

Overall, the Urban Terrain Zion is an excellent bike for individuals aged 15 to 45, priced under 5000 rupees in India. It offers durability and is perfect for long rides without any hassle. Opt for 26t wheels if your height falls between 5 and 5’6”. For those taller than 5’7”, 27.5t wheels are available.

Hero Urban 26T

The Hero Urban 26T stands out as one of the most popular bicycles available in the Indian market. At the time of this review, the Hero model we assessed was exclusively accessible through Flipkart. It is a single-speed, non-geared bicycle designed to excel in urban environments.

This bicycle proves to be an excellent choice for teenagers and adults, equipped with all the essential features. Remarkably, its construction quality is commendable when compared to its budget-friendly price (well below Rs. 5000). Notably, the Hero Urban 26T boasts an impressive rating of over 5000 and has garnered more than 1300 user reviews on Flipkart.

Key Features of Hero Urban 26T:

  • The bike features a robust steel frame, ensuring exceptional sturdiness and durability at an affordable price point. However, it’s worth noting that steel frame bicycles tend to be heavier than their alloy frame counterparts.
  • Equipped with standard 26-inch tires, the bicycle offers flexibility for tire replacement, available at most bicycle shops. These tires are provided by the Ralson company.
  • The Hero Urban 26T incorporates standard V-Brakes, which are suitable for regular use and city commuting.
  • Accessories included with the bike comprise reflectors, a bike stand, and mudguards to enhance its utility and safety.

Hero Octane Parkour 26T:

The Hero Octane Parkour secures its position as the fourth bike in my list of the top five bicycles under 5000 Rs available in India. This bicycle offers a surprising array of impressive features at a reasonable price, catering to both male and female riders thanks to its well-constructed frame with a slanted design. It’s available in two distinct colors on Flipkart: the vibrant Orange as shown below and the classic Silver.

The bicycle boasts a minimalist yet elegant design, with a focus on including essential components to maintain its weight and cost at an affordable level.

Key Features:

  • The bicycle’s frame is crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy, which stands out as one of its most remarkable features.
  • It comes equipped with standard 26-inch tires. While the manufacturer suggests that the bike can handle challenging terrains, I recommend against pushing it to the extreme. The rims on budget-friendly bicycles can be vulnerable to damage, potentially leading to costly repairs.
  • The V-brakes on this bicycle are suitable for everyday use, although it’s essential to note that they may not provide instant stopping at high speeds.
  • The handlebar stem is adjustable, allowing riders to customize the bike’s height and comfort to suit their preferences.
  • Please note that the bicycle doesn’t include essential accessories such as mudguards or a side stand. If you choose to purchase this bike online, you’ll need to place a separate order for these accessories.

Hero Spunky 26T :

Hero Spunky is a very athletic styled bicycle. It is the perfect bike for teenagers looking for the best ride or for someone who is young in heart

This product is now exclusively available through Flipkart.

The model is available in two color variants. Matt black, as seen in the photo below as well as matt green. Personally, I liked the black version more.

Key Features:

The frame of the bicycle is constructed with steel. In addition to this the rest of the features of this bike are exactly the similar to Hero Octane Parkour.

I suggest that you purchase the side stand, mudguards and good lock for your bike together with your purchase through Flipkart.

If you are able to extend the budget you have set, then I recommend you take a look at higher-end bikes priced between the range of Rs. 10000 and Rs. 20000, respectively. (Use the links below to see the suggested product)

With this amount of money I strongly suggest that you do not purchase the bike equipped with gears.

Atlas Mettle Sports Bike

Atlas Mettle is a well-made bicycle that is able to withstand all the punishment your children may be putting on it. This is the perfect bike for kids from between 5 and 8 years old age. The size of your child plays an important part in choosing the best bicycle for them.

The size of tyres for this bicycle measures 16 inches. Kids who have heights that ranges from 110-120 cms are able to enjoy it without difficulty.

Ideal Age – 5 to 8 Years

Height 3’6” to 3’9”

The bike is finished with a lovely matt-finished paint that has green designs over the top. The same color theme runs throughout the product.

It is equipped with standard accessories such as mudguards, trainer wheels. The seat height can be adjustable.

Hero Disney 20T:

Spiderman inspired bicycle made by Hero. They’ve created this bike in collaboration with Marvel who owns characters such as Spiderman that children like.

The bike is vibrant with colours and images. The bike comes in two colors Blue and Black. The size of the wheel used is 20T. This is perfect for children who have heights that range from 4 to 5 feet range.

Ideal Age – 5 to 9 Years,

Height 4′ to 4’9”

The bicycle is a tab that is higher than Rs. 5000. However, I’ve included it since it could be acceptable for a majority of people to stretch your budget by just a couple hundred rupees when buying a high-quality product.

Leader Scout 26T MTB Bicycle

If you’re looking for the perfect bicycle for fitness, sports or outdoor cycling The Leader Scout is another MTB-style bicycle that can be purchased for less than 5000. It is recommended for off-roading because the light carbon steel frame with a length of 18inches offers the most rigidity.

In addition, the Leader Scout features 26 inches of tyres that are mounted on alloy rims with double wall construction. It features V-brakes at both the rear and front that will not only keep your ride safe, but also guarantee the smoothest stopping.

The bike is extremely light at just 18.5 kg and a front fork that acts as a wrap for the rough terrain. Additionally the comfortable and soft saddle and height-adjustable grip handlebar adds to incredible functionality of this bicycle.

A few of the unique characteristics of the Leader Scout are the protective chain guard, sturdy sides stand, reflectives, efficient braking, mudguards and more.


  • Lifetime guarantee on the frame.
  • It comes with a pair of mudguards.
  • A sturdy high-tensile frame that is perfect in crank length.
  • A stylish look, as well as the accessories.


  • The brake pads could require periodic maintenance.
  • It doesn’t have a quick-release clasp to the chair post.
  • Not suitable for off-road riding.
  • The seats don’t have silicone gel cushions.

Lifelong Escape LLBC2701

Another top cycle for that costs less than 5000 Rupees in India with incredible features and high-quality construction is the Lifelong Escape, It is an MTB-type single-speed ranger bicycle with a steel frame made of high-tensile that measures 18 inches.

This frame is fitted with 27.5-inch MTB tyres (wheels) and the tyres have a width enough to give excellent grip on rough and paved trails.

This bicycle is suitable for both genders and is able to be ridden by those aged 12+. It has the height of 5 feet and 5.5 feet. You can easily alter your seat height with the seat clamp that is quick-release. Therefore, you don’t require an instrument.

Other than that, Lifelong Escape has steel rims and V-brakes that have more impact resistance, allowing for quick brakes, as well as a stiff suspension, which makes every ride safe and smooth.

Other components like the adjustable saddles to handlebar grips, brake pads and saddles are made of top quality, which leads to minimal maintenance and an extended duration of ride.


  • It is finished with Matt, top-quality paint on the sturdy frame.
  • Wide MTB tires for better grip across any terrain.
  • Available in two attractive shades.
  • There is a six-month guarantee with regard to the frame.
  • The rims of steel and the rigid forks are a fantastic shock absorber.


  • The handlebar frame isn’t long enough, which could be a problem for riders who are tall.
  • The pedals do not have weather protection and may wear out after prolonged use.
  • It does not come with a to the side or with a mudguard.

Urban Terrain UT7000s

UT7000S cycle from Urban Terrain is one of the most efficient and well suitable for urban riding cycles with a minimum of 5k. It is built with a sturdy carbon steel frame, and single-speed gear highlights the basic yet effective features of this bike.

One of the most durable parts of this bicycle is the steel rims that are mounted on the 27.5-inch wheels that aid in improving the efficiency of the bike. Apart of that, you will have a front fork that is rigid and V-brakes that work in a robust brake system, and a smooth riding experience.

It’s a compact bike that has tube tires, which are usually easy to repair to fix it in the near future. Simple and functional design makes the Urban Terrain UT7000 an ideal bike for daily riding.

Additionally, this program is designed to improve fitness aspect and you will get a complimentary nutrition plan and cycling events for the community along with this program all for less than 5 rupees.


  • Adjustable seat that can be adjusted with a seat clamp that can be released quickly.
  • High-grip tyres that can be used on all kinds of roads.
  • You will receive a six-month warranty card.
  • It comes with a pair of mudguards as well as a container for water bottles.
  • A 3-month subscription for free with Cultsport Application for Fitness and diet program.
  • Available in five distinct attractive colours.


  • The assembly service is billed.
  • Brakes can’t function as efficiently when the rims are damp.

Leader Sniper 24T City Bicycle

This bike is definitely the ideal one for children and teens. The Leader’s Xplorer 24T is a single-speed sporty theme mountain bike that is designed for riders who have an average of 4 feet 3 inches.

If your your child’s height falls between 4 feet 5 inches, then you ought to consider this. It comes with a 16-inch steel frame, making it tough as well as the tig welded design that provides the comfort.

Additionally, the 24-inch steel alloy wheels as well as rubber grip tires are wider to ensure maximum control on roads. One of the best characteristics of these tires is that they offer excellent control of traction in dry and wet conditions.

Furthermore, Xplorer 24T has a disc brake on the front, and an V-brake on the back wheel. The bike also comes with an outstanding front suspension fork that can be used on road conditions that aren’t quite right.

Other features of this bike include a saddle that can be easily adjusted that’s also cushioned, and the handlebar that is wide to allow for a riding position with an open chest.


  • Single-speed bikes with low maintenance for children.
  • The front fork of a suspension cushions bumps and offers peace of mind when driving off-roads.
  • The cycle comes with cycling accessories such as reflectors, water bottles and an instrument kit.
  • A free 12-month subscription to Goqii App. Goqii App worth Rs 999.
  • Lifetime guarantee on the frame.
  • The majority of cycle that is cost-effective comes with all the essential features.


  • It is necessary to purchase a mudguard as well as an electronic lock.
  • Not recommended for off-roading with heavy loads.

Overall, the Leader Sniper 24t is an excellent bike in the 5000 Rupees mark, and it is also a good performer in accordance with Indian roads. It is also an ideal bike for teens.

Leader Xtreme

This is another MTB-style bicycle that can buy for less than 5000 Rs in India but there are some distinct characteristics of this bike.

The Leader Xtreme features a high-tensile steel frame that guarantees ease of movement and the comfort. The bike comes by power brakes that have outstanding brake force.

Furthermore, it features an additional chain guard to keep your brakes safe from colliding with other components. In addition, don’t overlook the shock-absorbing rear suspension, which ensures a comfortable ride.

It’s perfect for Indian roads because the durable tires, along with the wide 26-inch tires and comfortable seating provide maximum support during your travels.


  • Can be described as a value-for-money item.
  • It is equipped with rubber grips, which are very effective during the monsoons, or when sweaty palms are present.
  • It has a carrier attached that can be used to make it more useful.
  • Design and colour that is attractive.
  • Lifetime guarantee on the frame.


  • Not recommended for riders who are tall.
  • Calliper brakes aren’t very efficient in wet conditions.
  • There is no clamp that can be released quickly for the height adjustment of seats.

If you’re looking for the most affordable bike for under 5000, with a an e-bike carrier and rear suspension, the Leader Xtreme MTB at this price is an ideal bike ideal for riders who have a height range of 5 – 5.5 feet.

Faqs :

What Types of Cycles are Available in the Indian Market Under 5000 Rupees ?

Bicycles come in a variety of forms including mountain bikes, road bikes, ranger bicycles, bikes that are hybrid, city bicycles fat tyre bicycles, electronic bicycles, and so on. Furthermore, it is classified based on gender like

  • Men’s bicycles,
  • Women’s bicycles,
  • Kid’s bicycles,
  • Bicycles that are gear-driven and
  • Single-speed bicycles or non-geared bikes.

If you’re looking for the types of bicycles that are priced under 5000 rupees, you won’t have many choices. You can find standard bicycles like city bikes as well as hybrid bicycles, and ranger bikes. These bicycles all have single-speed drivetrains and v-brakes.

Do You Really Need to Purchase A Cycle that is less than 5000?

The answer will differ from person to. If you’re a novice with a modest budget (say 5000 dollars) or are not a regular commuter, a bicycle that costs less than $5k is a good option. Why spend a lot of money in a bicycle if you’re not planning to be riding every day?

Don’t Worry! You can get top quality bicycles for less than 5000. But, they’d be single-speed or non-gear bikes.

But, it is not recommended to buy a bicycle for less than 5k if you plan to commute every day to college, school or for work.

Which is the best bike under 5000 that kids can enjoy?

There are many bikes for kids that are less than 5000 within the Indian market. One of the most popular bikes for kids can be that of the Leader Sniper 24t. It has wheels that measure 24 inches and an steel frame that measures 16 inches that is ideal for 12 year old children (4 inches to five feet tall). Read further about the bicycle.

Which is the most efficient cycle for women under 5000?

The bicycles featured in this list are gender-neutral that means they can be used by girls and boys. You are able to pick the bicycle you prefer the most.

Which is the most effective cycle that’s less than 5000 for adults?

If your height is less than 5 feet, choose 24t cycles. If the height is between 5 and 5.5 feet, then choose 26t. If the height is over 5.5 feet, choose 27.5t cycles.

Which one is the best to use for everyday use?

The bikes listed in this article are suitable for everyday use. I’d recommend Urban Terrain Zion, Leader Scout as well as Lifelong Escape. You can choose which you enjoy the most.

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