Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs 5000 in India 2023 to Buy Online

Are you looking to purchase the best Bluetooth speaker under 5000 in India ? We’ve got the list of top selling Bluetooth speakers in India to take into consideration. After going through intensive research we have compiled the list mentioned below. As per our knowledge and research , these are undeniably the best Bluetooth speakers in India under Rs 5k.

The majority of Bluetooth speakers are designed to enjoy entertainment on the go for pool parties, movies music, and so on. The Bluetooth speakers are lightweight cheap, easy to use, and deliver high-quality sound. There are numerous Bluetooth speakers on the market, however when it comes to premium audio quality, there are very few choices.

Below are a few Bluetooth speakers that cost less than 5000 Rupees in India which you might think about buying.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000 in India 2023

There are plenty of excellent Bluetooth Speakers on the market and ultimately, the same issue causes a lot of confusion. It can be a bit of a headache when you’re on a restricted amount of money to spend on Bluetooth Speakers. However, today, we are going to talk about some of the top Bluetooth Speakers in India under 5k Rupess.

JLB Flip 4

JBL Flip 3 is the most well-known Bluetooth speaker made by JBL. It’s durable, portable, strong and you can get it for less than the price of Rs. 5000 in India. The construction high-end is excellent. Flip 3 is solid with soft rubberized finishes. It feels extremely soft in your hands. The speakers are covered in mesh fabric that looks like a premium.

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The bass radiators on both ends are responsive to different levels of bass, and it is stunning for the eyes. This speaker comes with IPX7 waterproof and is able to handle water. After a full charge it will easily offer the battery with a backup battery of 12-15 hours. With the USB 2.0 with a micro USB cable, you are able to recharge it, and it will take three to four hours to charge from 0% up to 100 percent. JBL Flip 4 is, certainly, the most powerful Bluetooth speaker under 5000 Rs in India.

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Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Angle 3

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Cambridge SoundWorks is a US-based company that deals with Consumer Audio products and was established around 1988. It was founded in 1988 by Henry Kloss, an audio engineer, as well as a businessman. Oontz Angle 3 is one of the renowned Bluetooth speaker under 5000 Rupees in India which comes with an exceptional design. It is Oontz Angle 3 has two precise acoustic speakers that provide high-quality stereo sound and a boosted bass.

It comes with a 2250mAh battery which can provide you with the ability to playback for 12 hours when fully charged. The appearance is unique to Oontz Angle 3 is unique. Oontz Angle 3 is different from the other Bluetooth speakers on the market. It looks nice.

Another feature that differentiates it among the other Bluetooth speakers is its IPX5 Rating. Yes it is true that the Oontz is equipped with IPX5 certification, which makes it water-proof, waterproof, dustproof and sandproof, which implies that it can be taken to the beach, outdoor showers and poolside, as well as gyms cycling, and many more. The Bluetooth shower speaker comes with an 3.5mm connector for an the AUX-In cable, and comes with an integrated microphone for hands-free calls.

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DOSS Soundbox Bluetooth Speaker

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You might recognize the concept by what the speaker’s name is. Bluetooth speaker. In any case, let me talk about DOSS Bluetooth Speaker. DOSS Bluetooth Speaker. It is the DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker has Capacitive Touch controls for Play Volume, Pause Next, Previous, and Play and is the only speaker on the market with Capacitive control buttons. The capacitive touch controls feature white LED-backlit controls as well as a blue-backlit version on the big circular area that is located in the middle of the speaker to control volume. The LED-backlit design makes it simple to locate the controls in dark conditions, and, in addition it looks stunning.

In addition to Controls with a touch Apart from Touch controls, it also has a touch control. DOSS Bluetooth Speaker is also an excellent speaker that offers Stereo Sound with dual high-performance drivers (6W 2) and a unique bass. Receiving calls with DOSS is also very easy. There’s a dedicated touch button for receiving calls. In addition to Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth 4.0, you can listen to music via micro SDCard and Aux. This means Music is not interrupted even if your device runs empty of batteries.

In terms of batteries, DOSS Bluetooth speaker comes with 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives 12 hours of uninterrupted playing time with a full charge.

If you are looking for a stylish and powerful stereo Bluetooth speakers, DOSS Bluetooth Speaker will be the perfect choice for you. The controls that are touch-sensitive on the Bluetooth Speaker makes them stand apart from rest and makes it the top Bluetooth speaker that costs less than 5000 in India.

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Sony SRS-XB13

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Check out this tiny beast from Sony. Sony named it SRS-XB13. If you are a fan of EDM music then this Bluetooth speaker could be the next best portable speaker. Sony states that the SRS XB-13 is made for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fans, and has a higher bass. If you’re using an affordable laptop that has poor or even decent speakers, this small-looking Bluetooth speaker will enhance your music experience 10 times better.

This Bluetooth speaker has IP67 Rated, and won’t be affected by dust and water. For calls, Sony SRS XB-13 comes with an integrated microphone for hands-free calls as well as the ability to use voice assistants. You can play your favourite music at any time for up to 16 hours on a fully charge.

Design-wise, the SRS XB13 is very compact and lightweight. Available in four vivid colors, the not a Sony SRS-XB13. It is one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers for less than 5000 that you can purchase in India.

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Echo Dot (4th Gen)

You may think you’re wondering why included Echo Dot here to the top Bluetooth Speakers list. Amazon Echo Dot is an Alexa-powered smart speaker that operates with your voice. You can request Alexa to complete a number of tasks , such as listening to music, reading news, checking for switching off or on the lights (Smart Bulbs require), and more.

As well You can also utilize to use the Echo Dot 4th Fen as it is a Bluetooth speaker. You just need to ask Alexa to connect to Bluetooth to your phone and the device will connect to your smartphone. After connecting, you are able to utilize Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker. The issue is that you have to connect it to the internet since Alexa hasn’t yet been able to work offline. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is only for home use and you’ve got wifi at home, you should surely get this awesome piece of technology. Additionally, it is an excellent Bluetooth speaker that costs less than 5000 Rupees in India.

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JBL Clip 4

JBL Clip 4 is a well-known Bluetooth speaker by JBL. If you are on a tight budget and want the top Bluetooth speaker for under 5000 Rupees from an established manufacturer, JBL Clip 4 is certainly one of the choices for you.

Like the name suggests it is possible to clip the speaker to any place and begin streaming music straight away. JBL Clip 4 is powered by JBL Pro Sound which makes certain that you hear rich, deep bass even when you play at a high volume. Bluetooth 5.1 provides you with an extremely strong connection, and also provides you with a wider range.

JBL Clip 4 JBL Clip 4 is IP67 certified, which makes it dust and water-proof. It can be used anywhere in the vicinity of water, dusty areas such as Parks and playgrounds as well as beaches. When fully charged you can expect to play for 10-hours of playingback time, depending on level of volume. It is possible to recharge JBL Clip 4 JBL Clip 4 using a USB Type-C cable . It takes about 3 hours to reach 100% from the 0% battery level.

Available in 10 vivid colours, JBL Clip 4 is one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers under 5000 that you can purchase.


Another extremely well-known Bluetooth speaker from JBL. JBL Go 3 is the latest model in JBL Go. JBL Go lineup. It’s slightly upgraded and now has the Rugged Fabric design. Although the speaker was redesigned, JBL didn’t sacrifice the IP67 waterproof and dust-proof. It’s still secure from splashes of water and dust. It is more stylish and stylish as its older model.

With a fully charged battery you will be able to listen to music for up to 5 hours straight. The Bluetooth speaker is available with an USB Type-C port that is used for charge of the speaker. JBL Go 3 now comes with Ultimate JBL Pro Sound which is clear and loud. You’ll have a distortion-free deep bass sound at the maximum volume.

With the dimensions of the Bluetooth speaker, the quality of sound completely surprised me. It can be carried within your pockets. It comes in many vibrant colours JBL Go 3 is definitely the most effective Bluetooth speaker that costs less than 5000 in India.

Philips Audio TAS1505

Another Bluetooth speaker, but this one is made by Philips and comes at a reasonable cost. This Bluetooth speaker is extremely mobile and has IPX7 certification. This makes it waterproof. You can also submerge it in the 1m-deep water for up to 30 minutes.

To connect, Philips TAS1505 uses Bluetooth 5.0 and operates smoothly within the 20-meter range. For charging, it makes use of USB Type-C for connectivity. After a full charge it will provide to last for around 8 hours, which is quite amazing for a Bluetooth speaker. It’s under 5000.

It is equipped with an 1.6-inch driver that produces an impressive bass sound and you’ll surely enjoy the sound quality. In all, Philips TAS1505 is an outstanding Bluetooth speaker that definitely deserves an inclusion in this list of the top Bluetooth speakers priced under $80. 5000.

Tribit MaxSound Plus

Another robust Bluetooth speaker for under 5000 Rupees that has a fantastic range of features for the price of a reasonable. Tribit MaxSound Plus is a compact Bluetooth speaker which you can put in your bag and is suitable perfectly for both indoor and outdoor occasions.

Concerning this speaker model, it is the 24w model that runs on XBass technology. It has a special XBass button which boosts the bass output to give you rich, powerful, and boomy bass. Not only the bass, but mids and highs also sound clear and crisp even after you have turned on the XBass button.

If you’re one who makes use of Bluetooth speaker outdoors, the IPX7 Waterproof certification can protect the Bluetooth speaker from water or water splashes around swimming pools. Tribit MaxSound Plus is also equipped with an integrated microphone which you can use to take calls.

For connectivity, it is using Bluetooth 5.0 that provides an unbeatable, secure connection of up to 100ft. To charge the speaker there is the Micro USB port and you can connect the standard USB connection to power the device.

At the price it is for the price, Tribit MaxSound Plus offers great value for your money. If you’re looking for an affordable , but top-quality Bluetooth speaker for under 5000 Rupees, Tribit MaxSound Plus is an excellent choice. You can simply take it.

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