7 Best Air Purifier Under Rs 10000 in India

Looking for a budget-friendly air purifier that delivers on performance? Look no further than the top air purifiers in India under 10,000. Whether you’re looking to improve air quality in a small room or a larger living space, these air purifiers offer a range of features and functions to help eliminate pollutants, allergens, and other harmful particles from the air. From advanced HEPA filters to smart technology, these air purifiers are designed to keep your indoor air fresh and clean, all at an affordable price point. So without wasting time, browse our list of the best air purifiers under 10,000 in India today and breathe easy

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7 Best Air Purifier in India to Buy Online Under Rs 10k

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Blue Star Air Purifier AP420OAN

SHARP Room Air Purifier FP-F40E-W

Honeywell Air Purifier i5

Amazon Basics Air Purifier

Kent 15002 Aura Air Purifier

Proscenic A8 SE Air Purifier for Home

Eureka Forbes Air Purifier FAP 7000

Best Air Purifiers under 10000 in India to Buy Online

Blue Star Air Purifier AP420OAN

bluestar air purifier under Rs 10000

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SensAir Technology is a highly advanced air purification system. It uses sophisticated auto sensors to identify and continuously monitor harmful pollutants in enclosed environments. The system adjusts its performance based on the quantity and quality of pollutants, releasing only clean and safe air into the room.

The UV-based Microbe Sterilize Technology is designed to eliminate harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold, and dust mites. With a 99.7% deactivation rate, it provides a clean and healthy environment in your living spaces.

The AP420OAN Air Purifier is user-friendly with its touch interface. It also has a Digital PM 2.5 Numeric Indicator that shows real-time pollutant levels in the room.

The Filter Change Indicator reminds you when it’s time to replace the filter, ensuring the air purification remains at its best. The air purifier is available in a sleek white color and medium size, making it a perfect addition to any interior.

The Child Lock function provides an extra layer of safety. It prevents the control panel from being operated accidentally, giving you peace of mind that your children are protected from potential hazards.

Undeniably one of the most efficient air purifier India which is economical . So we have included this air purifier in our list of best air purifiers in India under 10000.

SHARP Room Air Purifier FP-F40E-W

SHARP Room Air Purifier under 10000

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GLP*-compliant test facilities have gathered highly reliable safety data on Sharp’s Plasmacluster technology. The data has been verified in India by prestigious institutes such as IIT Delhi.

Sharp is a world leader in air purification and has sold over 100 million air purifiers worldwide. The patented Plasmacluster technology has a wide range of applications and is utilized across many industries.

Safe and Natural Ions

Plasmacluster ions are safe and mimic nature, even when used in high densities. With a Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier, you will have more ions in your room than in an entire forest!

LED Indicator

The LED Indicator near the Control Panel indicates the air purity of the room in 3 levels, changing color to reflect the air quality. The user manual includes instructions for adjusting the dust sensor’s detection sensitivity.

Extended Warranty with Sharp Promise

All purchases made till March 31, 2023 are eligible for an additional 2 Years Comprehensive Service Support and a total of 7 Years Service Support on the motor. Product registration is mandatory to avail of this limited-time offer and can be done through the brand’s website or by contacting the toll-free number.

Smoggy Days

The unit operates at high fan speed for 60 minutes and then alternates between low and high levels for 20 minutes each.

Auto and Sleep Modes

The unit operates in Auto Mode, automatically adjusting fan speed depending on the amount of impurities in the air. In Sleep Mode, the unit operates quietly and the DUST/PLASMACLUSTER indicator is switched off. The unit is also equipped with an 8-hour switch-off timer.

With all the above features we can guarantee you this Sharp Air purifier is undoubtedly the best in the price range of Rs 10000. Affordable Air Purifier for Middle class families.

Honeywell Air Purifier i5

Honeywell Air Purifier i5 under 10000

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Are you tired of breathing in harmful pollutants in your home or office ? Our air purifier is the perfect solution for clean air in just 10 minutes. With a CADR of 250 cu.m/hr, it can easily purify a room of up to 30 Sq.m in no time. Say goodbye to unhealthy air in your living rooms and bedrooms.

With in the budget of Rs 10000 you will get the best Air Purifier in the market. We are not joking.

Our advanced 3D air flow technology is designed to deliver pure air to every corner of the room. With air vents on both sides and at the bottom, no polluted air will escape the reach of our purifier. And the best part? You won’t even know it’s there with our aerodynamic fan design that operates at low sound levels.

Not only will you be breathing in clean air, but you’ll also be saving money with our low power consumption and high filter life. The composite filter has a life of 3000 hours, which means it can run for up to 9 months when used for 8 hours daily. And with the energy efficiency of just 1 to 3 CFL bulbs, you’ll never have to worry about high energy bills.

We also understand the importance of safety for families with young children. That’s why we’ve added a child lock feature to keep the functioning of the purifier away from curious toddlers.

Invest in your health and the health of your loved ones with our efficient and cost-effective air purifier. Say goodbye to harmful pollutants and hello to clean, pure air.

Amazon Basics Air Purifier

Amazon Basics Air Purifier under Rs 10000

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Introducing a True HEPA Air Purifier with 5 layer filtration and 360m3/hour capacity. This air purifier is perfect for medium to large sized rooms, and can even provide medium purification to extra large rooms with up to 43m2 area.

The High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter removes 99.97% of all particles, including hair, large pollutants, dust, bacteria, allergens, and germs. The purifier also comes equipped with an activated carbon filter to remove odours.

The air purifier has 2 working modes, including an automatic mode. It operates at 3 fan speeds to provide different levels of purification. In addition, it operates at a low sound level of just 35 db and is equipped with a sleep mode which regulates the fan speed for low noise. The appliance also has a light sensor which switches off the display when low light is detected.

The appliance and filters have been tested extensively in an international lab against international protocols. The purifier features an instrument panel with buttons for sleep mode, automatic mode, child lock, and more. It also comes equipped with a real-time PM 2.5 display indicator which indicates the detected particulate matter in the air.

A color-changing air quality indicator is included to help you monitor the quality of the air in your room. Blue signifies excellent air quality, green symbolizes good, orange symbolizes medium, and red symbolizes poor air quality.

The air purifier also includes a timer function that can be set up to 8 hours later, and the appliance switches to stand mode once the timer is complete. Its sleek, portable design makes it easy to maintain and use in different rooms throughout the day. The child lock function and filter replacement indicators provide added convenience.

For enhanced safety, the appliance automatically shuts off when the filter is removed, and it comes with a BIS certified cable. Get yours today and breathe easy with pure, clean air in your home.

If you are looking for best air purifier under Rs 10000 then this one from Amazon Basics is the top list.

Kent 15002 Aura Air Purifier

Kent 15002 Aura Air Purifier under rs 10000

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Are you looking for a way to improve the air quality in your home? Look no further than the Kent Aura Air Purifier! With its advanced 3-stage air purification process, it removes 99% of dust particles from your home’s air. The antibacterial coated HEPA filter from Japan removes 2.5 particulate matter, while the activated carbon filter effectively removes odors. Perfect for rooms up to 270 sq. ft, this air purifier operates quietly and can run for up to 8 hours.

High-Efficiency HEPA Technology
The Kent Aura Air Purifier is equipped with a high-efficiency HEPA filter that eliminates 99% of dust particles and 2.5 particulate matter from the air. It uses a 3-stage filtration process to clean the air, so you can breathe easy.

Breathe Cleaner Air
In addition to removing dust and particulate matter, the Kent Aura Air Purifier also includes an ionizer to improve air freshness and an activated carbon filter to remove odors. You’ll enjoy clean, fresh air every time.

Smart and Safe
The Kent Aura Air Purifier is designed with convenience in mind. It features a filter change indicator and air quality monitoring, so you always know when it’s time to replace the filter. The child lock feature ensures safe and responsible usage, making this air purifier a smart choice for your home.

Undoubtedly budget friendly and economical Air Purifier under 10000

Proscenic A8 SE Air Purifier for Home

Proscenic A8 SE Air Purifier for Home under 10000

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The A8 SE Air Purifier is a powerful and quiet air purification solution for your home. With a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 200 m³/h, this purifier can circulate purified air in an indoor area of up to 25 m² for five times per hour. There are three fan speeds to choose from, with the lowest being just 28 dB, making it ideal for a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere when sleeping, studying, or working.

Convenient Touch Display : The digital touch display on the front of the A8 SE Air Purifier is easy to use. You can turn the machine on and off, set a child lock, adjust the fan speed, and set a timer for 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, or continuous operation. The display will also remind you when it’s time to change the filter (with a life cycle of 2500 hours or 3 months), and reset the filter life cycle.

Smart Control : With the Proscenic app, you can control the air purifier from your IOS or Android device. You can create your own air-cleaning schedules, turn the light on and off, enable sleep mode, and monitor the purifier remotely. Additionally, you can use basic voice commands with Alexa and Google Home to turn the machine on and off.

If you are looking for best air puriifer under Rs 10000 from Proscenic, then this is the only available option.

Eureka Forbes Air Purifier FAP 7000

Eureka Forbes Air Purifier FAP 7000 under 10000

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Looking for an air purifier that can help you breathe cleaner air and eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses? Look no further than this amazing air purifier that comes with a PM 2.5 digital display and different color indicators to indicate the purity of the air. Whether you’re looking for pure air, moderately polluted air, or extremely polluted air, this air purifier has you covered. One of the best Air Purifier under Rs 10k.

The advanced HEPA 11 filter in this air purifier is capable of removing up to 99.95% of micro-particles, such as PM 2.5 and PM 10, including fine dust, pollen, and mould fragments. This means you can breathe easier and enjoy improved air quality in any room that covers an area up to 600 square feet.

This air purifier features 3 stages of purification to ensure that you breathe safe air, including a carbon filter that reduces smoke, volatile organic compounds, and other related pollutants. Additionally, this air purifier is designed to control odors, making it an ideal choice for those who are sensitive to foul smells.

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