10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022 December to Buy online

Do you not have the time to devote to finding the most efficient kitchen chimney in India? We’ve completed the task for you. We spent countless hours searching and testing the top kitchen chimneys in India that falls within the budget.

We looked through hundreds of customer reviews to identify the best kitchen chimney. Our final ratings are based on the features like attractive looks suction strength, stylish looks, and price-for-value. If you pick one of these options and you are confident that you are buying a top product.

Indian cooking is a mix of grilling and frying using an array of spices and herbs. While the spluttering from the “tadka” provides a captivating smell and enhances taste but it also marks the kitchen’s ceiling as well as tiles.

Over time, dust and dirt get accumulated on the kitchen cabinets and appliances. This is why the majority of modern kitchens today are fitted with chimneys.

A chimney or kitchen hood is a great way to remove smells, fumes, grease steam, heat and other particles from cooking. It also ensures an adequate airflow in the kitchen, and also removes the stale air.

It is one of the most important element of the kitchen’s ventilation system. It helps keep the kitchen spotless and reduces cooking odors that are released into the air which is particularly important when cooking spicy Indian food.

Top Kitchen Chimneys In India 2022

Faber India – Kitchen Chimney :

The best auto-clean chimney: Faber Hood Everest Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney that has an oil collector comes in two sizes, 60 and 90 centimeters. It features filterless technology, a powerful suction capability, as well as control buttons which allow effortless operation. The kitchen chimney is available on Amazon.

Key Features:

  • Size: 60cm
  • Suction: 1200 m3/hr
  • Filterless auto-clean chimney
  • Wall Mounted Chimney
  • Pros: Good quality, Lightweight, Bestseller
  • Cons: Installation charges

Seavy Auto Clean Chimney

Heating auto-clean technology In order to keep the chimney in good condition and fresh following regular use It is built with built-in heat auto-clean technology to remove the grease and oil that is sticky. The chimney will automatically clean itself. The remaining oil or grease is deposited into stainless-steel oil cups , which can later be recycled.

Soft-touch panel One-touch control panel provides you with complete access to the most basic chimney’s functions like automated cleaning as well as suction speed controls, lighting for the focus and ability that the chimney. The sleek design will add the look of a classy modern kitchen.

Technology based on motion sensors: The intelligent kitchen chimney is equipped with motion sensing technology that allows for simple operation with the movement of your hands. The hand should be positioned to the right to switch on the chimney, then turn it to the left to switch off the stove. In the end, this is the top auto clean chimneys you can buy for less than 10000 INR on India. Indian market.

Beautifully designed: keeping the style with substance, the chimney an amalgamation of top features and beautiful design. The high-end, glossy appearance of this chimney will surely enhance the overall look that your home has.

LED lights: Light up your cooking area with LED spotlights in the chimney. The bright light can enhance the clarity and focus of the stove. These beautiful chimneys can provide the glow of your kitchen thanks to its energy-efficient LED lighting

1.200m3/hr of suction power: This chimney is able to effectively eliminate all kinds of odors and stench in the kitchen. With a suction capability of 1200 m3/hour and removing foul smell as well as smoke and grime out of the kitchen.

Baffle filters made of stainless steel: The baffles are included inside the chimney to improve airflow and drainage of impurities. The baffle filters swiftly and continuously alter the direction of grease-saturated air to compress them before they empty them into the tray for filtering.

The durable stainless steel body Stainless Steel is not only robust, but also has anti-corrosive properties. Thus, chimneys be resistant to water, grease and other impurities.

Elica WDFL HAC TOUCH 60 MS Chimney

Undeniably this Elica product is the best chimney that is filterless in India

Key Features:

  • Automatic Filterless Clean Chimney
  • Suction Power 1200 millimeters per hour
  • Motion Sensor Control with Touch
  • Curved Glass
  • Two LED Lamps
  • Size 60 CM
  • The best chimney for a 2 Burner Stove
  • It’s a must-have for your kitchen!

Elica Range hoods are designed to improve your kitchen’s appearance with its appearance and performance making use of modern, high-tech technology. The the curved glass and the wall-mounted style provide a modern look in your kitchen.

It features a heat-auto clean technology that allows for fast and simple housekeeping. Additionally, it comes with a suction capability of 1200 m3/hr. This best meets your needs in the kitchen and it’s auto-clean technology helps keep the appliance in top state.

It also keeps your kitchen fresh and clean. It features a sensor for heat that will turn the range hood off and off with it’s Motion Sensor and Touch Motion Sensor ensures it is energy efficient.

It’s the perfect chimney for 3 or 2 burner stoves. Additionally, it has the option of silence to ensure that the kitchen is quiet. The chimney is covered for 5 years of warranty on the motor as well as 1 year of product warranty.

Elica 60cm kitchen chimney is regarded as the top chimney suitable for Indian cooking.


Glen chimneys are the ideal chimney you can get at a affordable price. It’s a chimney that doesn’t have a filter that has a small oil collection bowl that can collect oil and grease splatters. It’s a 150W hood and comes with a sturdy motor that is noise-free and has strong suction. Motion sensor-equipped touch controllers are easy to use.

The chimney has been designed to match the style of your modern kitchen. Any trace of grease or smell can be quickly removed from your kitchen using 1050 m3/h of suction power and helps keep the walls of your kitchen free of dirt. Motion-sensing technology that is innovative lets this chimney operate by hand.

  • Warranty: 1 year on the item, five years for motor
  • Dimensions: 60 x 47 43 Cm
  • The weight is 11 kilograms., 900 grams
  • Noise Level: 58 dB
  • Size: 60cm
  • Suction Power 1050m3/hr

Specifications: Glen is an automatic chimney with no filters, and it also has advanced touch sensor motion control.

Kaff India – Kitchen Chimney

Kaff’s Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney is offered in two sizes, 60 and 90 centimeters. It is equipped with baffle filters, a powerful suction capability and motion sensor touch and gesture control to ensure seamless operation. It will also keep your kitchen smoke-free and free of odor.

Key Features:

  • Size: 60cm
  • Suction: 1000 m3/hr
  • Filter chimney for Baffle
  • Wall Mounted Chimney

Pros : Lightweight, low noise

Cons: Poor suction capacity

Sunflame Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney (BELLA 60 BK), Black

Baffle Filter: Stainless baffle filter made of steel is effective in forcing oil and other wastes to settle within the baffle. It lets air circulate freely between filters.

LED Lights The Sunflame chimneys are all equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting to keep your kitchen light and cool, unlike alternative halogens. The perfect amount of lighting while cooking.

A powerful motor: Our high-efficiency motor of 190W is the core of our high-extraction chimney. The unique design helps to hold the housing and motor in place while taking in any vibrations they cause. This allows the fan to turn more quickly, while maintaining the same steady and silent operation.

Control by Push Button: Intelligent push button control gives the most comfort and ease of use. It allows you to manage and control the fan’s speed and light levels to facilitate the operation and creating a comfortable atmosphere in your kitchen.

Suction Capacity a massive suction power of (1100 3 m3 hours) and quiet operation and a quiet operation, the Bella is powered by an efficient motor that stops smoke from venting out of the chimney. This in turn keeps the kitchen clean.

Inalsa – Zylo 60BKMAC

Inalsa’s classy range hood functions well and comes with attractive features. It is able to cook without releasing dust or smoke because of its airflow rate of 1250 millimeters per hour. The LED bulb gives just the ideal amount of light needed for cooking. The touch-control makes it easy to use.

Your kitchen will look more modern with this chimney. Auto-clean technology takes care of chimney cleaning in just one click. Oil flakes that are sticky gather in the chimney and are released in the oil collection. It’s simple and easy to remove the accumulation of oil.

  • Warranty Two years of warranty on the product, 7 years on motor
  • Dimensions: 59.8 x 46 x 51.2 cm
  • Weight 9 kg, 500 g
  • Noise Level: 65 dB
  • Size: 60cm
  • Suction Power 1250 M3/hr

Specifications: Inalsa has a 3-speed motor with a powerful suction of 1250 m3/hr. It is easy to clean the filters and get rid of any accumulated oil, reducing the chance of fires.

Eurodomo Hood Elegant HC TC 60

Key Features:

  • Auto Clean Chimney
  • Baffle Filter
  • Curved Glass
  • Touch control
  • Suction Power 1200m3/hr
  • Size: 60cm
  • Two LED Lamps
  • The Best Chimney for 2 – or 3- Burner Stove

Eurodomo 60cm Chimney Hood is the ultimate essential kitchen appliance. The sleek design and curving glass will surely complement the decor. It is constructed of premium glass and stainless steel that can last for long time with no wear or wear and tear.

The suction force is 1200 m3/hr and it has the curved glass. The Heat Auto-Clean chimney indicates that the chimney hood is automatically cleaned its own filter, without water, and without the assistance of a hand. It is essential to clean the dirt and oil collector.

The chimney hood is equipped with the baffle filter, which assists in keeping particles from going through. The most appealing aspect is that you do not have the hassle of cleaning your chimney manually each time, as the filter cleans itself.

The hood is equipped with the capability of a touch-control which makes it easier to operate. However, if it comes with motion sensors, similar to the chimneys above is ideal for those who prefer the automatic functions. If it comes with the ability to touch, it’s ideal to use.

It’s wall-mounted and durable in its design, generating more sound. Additionally, it is covered by a warranty for a year for the product and five years for the motor. Overall , it’s the most reliable chimney to use in the Indian kitchen.


  • Heating Auto Clean Chimney
  • Baffle Filter
  • High Suction Power
  • Touch Control
  • Low Noise
  • Two LED Lights
  • The best choice for a 2 – or 3-burner Stove

Cons : Installation Is Not Free

Surya Auto clean GO-2020 Chimney

Key Features:

  • Auto Clean Chimney
  • Auto Glass Opening
  • Auto Gas Sensor
  • Motion control via touch
  • Suction: 1400m3/hr
  • Size: 60cm
  • The Best Chimney for 2 or 3 Burner Stove

If you’ve had to deal with gas leaks from their kitchens can contemplate a change for Surya GO 2020 chimney, which can enhance the value of your kitchen and is also safer, and improves the kitchen Design too.

It has many functions including auto-cleaning mode as well as motion sensor mode. auto-opening glass model and more. It’s a non-filtering chimney that means you do not need to clean it regularly.

It’s got a high suction power of 1400 m3/hr. It can eliminate all particles, dust and smoke quickly. It also has a heating auto-cleaning feature. Oil and residual dirt are disposed of in the collector, but you need to empty it once in a while. It is, however, very little maintenance.

The chimney displays all the information regarding the machine on the tiny display. In addition, you can monitor whether the fireplace is at a temperature. you can set a timer to turn it turning it off and on.

You also have an excellent safety feature that detects LPG gas and shields you from harm with an alert sounds.

Because Surya is packed with other advantages, it has one of the most feature-rich and secure product on the market.


  • Auto Glass opening
  • Heating Auto Clean Chimney
  • Filterless Chimney
  • High Suction Power
  • Touch Control
  • Low Noise
  • Ideal for 3 or 2 Burner Stove


  • Poor Customer Experience
  • Installation Is Not Free

Above mentioned are the list of best Kitchen Chimneys that perfectly suits Indian Style cooking and Indian Kitchens. We have done our part by doing exceptional research on leading kitchen Chimneys for the year 2022 and 2023. Based on your requirements please choose the one which meets your and your Kitchens requirements.

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